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  • 3D Laser Scanning Services KSA
  • Marine 3D laser scanning and Modeling survey KSA
  • scrubber unit(EGCS) installation KSA
  • Ballast water treatment System(BWTS) installation KSA
  • 3D Laser Scanning Services Saudi Arabia
  • Marine 3D laser scanning and Modeling survey Saudi Arabia
  • scrubber unit(EGCS) installation Saudi Arabia
  • Ballast water treatment System(BWTS) installation Saudi Arabia

Marine Survey Services

3D Laser Scanning Services

Our team consists of manufacturer-trained, experienced professionals specializing in 3D scanning with top-of-the-line scanners having millimeter accuracy. A number of 3D scans are combined in a point cloud to represent the exact geometrical detail about surrounding objects. From a point cloud, the designers can develop a model of a structure and/or plant, its machinery, piping, and equipment for Concept Design – Basic, Detailed, and As-Built Engineering. EIWAA’s 3D Laser scanning services in Saudi Arabia used in marine/offshore industries are ideal for Shipbuilding industries, Oil/Gas Pipelines, Rigs, and offshore platforms. Complex piping dimensions and alignment check is obtained by 3D laser scanning services. 3D Laser scan data to visualize the onboard piping system and as-built information.

3D Laser Scanning Services

3D scan data by FARO Laser scanner for generating As-Built drawing.
Seamless and precise documentation for the existing status analysis of Ship, Offshore Rig, Onshore Rig, Terminals, Refineries, and Petrochemical Production facilities.
Engine and Pump room scanning for BWTS.
Tailor-made scanning solution for vessel modification / upgradation projects.
Engine room and exhaust system scanning for Scrubber.
Reverse engineering and alignment verifications.

3D laser scanning technique is used to capture the “as-built” conditions of the ship or vessel prior to the installation of a ballast water treatment system.3D Laser Scanning provides accurate &speedy measurements and high detail of existing pipe and structure.

3D Laser scanning provides repair or retrofitting of ballast water treatment systems, Scrubber Unit, Engine room, Deck Machinery, Hull structures, Overall scan for reverse engineering etc. Measurements can be taken from a laptop or office computer eliminating multiple hand measurements in the field. Laser scanning provides a 3D environment where proper placement, available space, and pipe routing can be easily verified.

Vessels do not necessarily need to be dry-docked. Scanning can often be performed without disrupting normal operations. We also offer surface fitting of hulls, modeling of bulkheads and structure, and center.

EIWAA using FARO Laser Scanning Equipment, LEICA P40 3D Scanning Equipment’s, and FARO 3D Laser scanning equipment depends upon the client requirements.

3D Laser scanning methodology includes,

Scanning plan formulation
Marine Industry 3D Laser Scanning at onboard
Feasibility Study
Point clouds refinement
Point cloud isolation
3D Modeling Survey and Engineering
As-built drawing preparations