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Offshore Rope Access Service:

EIWAAs Offshore Rope Access Service providing construction, repair and maintenance services in offshore structures as well as onshore structures offshore construction team equipped with Certified Welders, Fabricators, Painters, Blaster and multi skilled mechanical technicians with sufficient offshore Safety approvals and offshore passes.

Our Rope Access specialist program enables us with the required skills to consistently improve our performance and beyond client expectations. Long before our crew comes, our construction superintendents will create a prioritized work plan. Before it is sent from our location and brought on-site for work, we make sure that all rope access equipment, tools, lifting, and rigging equipment is organized, inspected, and recorded.

Our employees take great pride in keeping in touch with your project managers and maintaining documentation. Our field personnel receive ongoing assistance from upper management, so we can assure you that your project is our first priority and that you can rely on us to complete the work on schedule.

Why Choose us….


SAFETY: From the beginning to the end of every operation, safety is our first priority. Every project for our clients is an easy choice for EIWAA  because of our demonstrated safety record.

QUALIFICATIONS: When it comes to working at heights, EIWAA staff are equipped with a wide range of knowledge and training. We have the skills and experience to deal with hardship as required thanks to our IRATA certificates and Trade Qualifications.

TECHNICAL: EIWAA  may assist your facility with technical planning by reviewing or supplying technical drawings, safe work plans, rigging plans, special access/rescue plans, and other necessary documents. RIG has the team to guide you to success for anything from concept drawings to wet stamped blueprints.

CONFORMITY: EIWAA  has the training and experience necessary to deal with safety audits and construction codes.

Rope Access Welding:

For rope access welding in a difficult-to-reach area, rope access welding provides a secure and practical alternative. Rope access is an effective technique for welding basic structural codes to intricate piping drawings. In a lot of situations, we can assist our clients in avoiding the expenses and dangers related to scaffold or mobile work platforms. To tackle every welding project we take on, we have a fully equipped team of certified rope access welding professionals. Careful project management and pre-job surveys are the foundation of our success. To ensure a smooth and effective execution, EIWAA spends the required time mapping out the individual project requirements. This keeps you on budget and on schedule.

Our Services are,

Air craft Warning Light Installation
Air Craft Warning light Replacement
Installation of Leg Lights
Anode Removal and Replacement
Offshore Cathodic Protection Installation
Bracket and Support Installation
King Post Installation
Guide and Track Repair and Maintenance
Derrick Wind Wall Name board Removal and Installation
Cable Pulling
Life boat Davit platform Removal
Derrick Light Replacement
Derrick Pad eye Installation
Crane boom bracing Replacement