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Load Monitoring System and Calibration

EIWAA offshore services provides LEEA Certified Crane Inspection by calibrated load cell and water bags in offshore rigs and vessels, as well as Load Monitoring system calibration by a skilled and experienced team of instrumentation engineers.

For the Saudi Arabia region, EIWAA’s offshore crane load monitoring and

measurement calibration services include offshore crane load cell calibration, load moment indicator calibration, crane safe load indicator calibration, mooring winch safe load indicator calibration, and offshore crane load monitoring measurements and calibration.

By having a range of traceable onsite calibration services in all Saudi Arabia’s major and smaller marine ports, EIWAA expands its offshore crane load monitoring measurement and calibration in Saudi Arabia. Our expert instrumentation team provides crane load monitoring and calibration using calibrated load cells and water bags that are traceable to international calibration standards in Saudi Arabia.

Offshore crane load monitoring and measurement calibration facilities:

EIWAA Gulf Rocks provide Inspection services like LMI and LSI calibration, repair and calibration of winch mooring system tension and payout length, measurement of heavy-duty stainless-steel tension meter with digital screen for 4 points to 8 point mooring monitoring system, offshore crane load testing by water bag and load cell, among others. Offshore Crane load cell calibration and assessment for load, angle, relay controller, boom extension, over hoist input, boom tip wind speed, XY Chasis angle, slew encoder, data logger, outrigger position monitoring, travel monitoring, hook height monitoring, rope pay out monitoring, etc. are available in the Saudi region.

Digital offshore crane load monitoring and calibration with a certified engineer using a water bag and calibrated load cell.

Water bag and calibrated load cells are used for crane load cell calibration.

calibration of a 4-to-8-point mooring monitoring system’s heavyduty stainless steel tension meter with a digital display.

Crane safe load indicator calibration

calibration of the offshore crane’s load moment indicator

calibrating the mooring winch, etc.