Building Survey and LiDAR Scanning



EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers high-definition Scanning Services in Saudi Arabia by Terrestrial Scanning, LiDAR Scanning and 3D Rendering and 3D Modeling. Our Engineering Survey Services offers High-definition scanning services in Saudi Arabia that involve the creation of accurate HD scans of objects or building structures by using 3D Laser scanning and modeling, photogrammetry and structured light scanning. Types of High-Definition Scanning Services in Saudi Arabia shall be LIDAR Scanning Services, Photogrammetry Scanning and Structured Light Scanning. Terrestrial scanning is a process of capturing high-resolution, detailed 3D models of buildings, landscapes, and heritage sites using various scanning technologies. This technology is used in various applications of Building Scanning, Landscape Scanning, Heritage Site Scanning, Mountain Scanning and Bridge Scanning services by Topographic Survey as well as 3D Scanning. We specialize in architecture, engineering, or manufacturing, from basic 3D modeling to advanced scanning and rendering solutions.

3D Laser scanning and modeling services are widely used in the construction and restoration works of cultural heritage and architectural buildings to enhance the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure. Our High definition LiDAR Scanning services or 3D Laser scanning services shall be used in track alignment survey of Amusement park rides as well as fairground inspection services. LIDAR scanning and modeling services are widely used in architectural engineering construction to enhance the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure. Our High-definition LiDAR Scanning services shall be used in track alignment surveys of Amusement park rides as a part of fairground inspection services.


We are using a high-definition 3D Scanner for 3D Laser Scanning and terrestrial scanning services of bridges, mountains, landscapes, buildings, and heritages. Conventional land survey by Total Station is also used for accurate results. 3D rendering services involve the creation of photorealistic 3D images or animation from 3D models or designs.

BIM Services

LIDAR scanning is used to create 3D models of existing buildings, which can then be used as BIM models for accurate digital twins of buildings.

As-built verification

LIDAR scanning helps verify the accuracy of as-built designs by comparing them with the actual construction site conditions.

Construction monitoring

to monitor construction progress, track changes, and detect anomalies

Terrestrial LIDAR

Uses a terrestrial laser scanner to capture point cloud data of buildings and structures

Aerial LIDAR

Uses an airborne laser scanner mounted on an aircraft or drone to capture point cloud data of large areas or entire cities.

Hybrid LIDAR

Combines terrestrial and aerial LIDAR scanning technologies to capture both detailed building scans and larger-scale area scans.


Photogrammetry scanning is a non-contact and non-invasive method by laser scanning services to create accurate 3D models from 2D images. It uses overlapping photographs from various directions to measure the geometrical parameters of onshore/offshore structures. Accurate Image Acquisition is performed by a high-resolution camera to capture photographs of the onshore/offshore structures from various angles. Image Processing is performed by 3D software to extract features from point clouds and curves.3D software correlates adjacent points between images to create dense point cloud. The point cloud is then used to create a 3D model through triangulation and generate meshes.

3D Surveying and mapping services include engineering, architecture, construction, and assessing asbuilt conditions. Laser Surveying is the process of measuring and recording the data of an asbuilt structure. 3D Mapping is the process of creating a visual representation of an onshore/offshore structure surface.

Cultural Heritage Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of buildings are the main uses for heritage site scanning services. Terrestrial scanning of landscape scanning is used to create detailed topographic maps of large areas, such as landscapes, forests, or coastlines. Terrestrial scanning is used to create detailed topographic maps of mountains, including terrain, rock formations, and geological features is known as geological mapping.

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