Inspection and certification of GRP/GRE tanks:

One of the specialised NDT services provided by the Inspection division of EIWAA Gulf rcoks Ispection company is GRP Storage Tank Integrity Inspection. We offer a very wide choice of techniques & services for the GRP/GRE Tank inspection, whether it is above ground or below ground, in order to ensure the structural integrity assessment of GRP Tanks/GRE Tanks. EIWAA is a team of inspectors with experience in GRP tank inspection for FIT TO USE that conforms to EEMUA 159 and API 653.

Inspection of GRP/GRE tanks for remaining life and fitness to use entails,

Tanks made of GRP/FRP (glass/fiber reinforced plastic)
Various Designs of GRP Outer and Thermoplastic Inner/Lined Tanks with Dual Laminate
Heat-resistant tanks
Tanks made of polypropylene
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) (High Density Polyethylene)
Tanks constructed of MDPE/LDPE/HDPE
PVC-U Tanks and ECTFE Piping (Ethylene and Chlorotrifluoroethylene)
Inspection of GRP/GRE tanks is done in accordance with the following guidelines and codes.
The structural integrity of tanks is evaluated by several NDT/NDE methods depending on the underground/above ground circumstances as part of the GRP/Thermoplastic tanks inspection and certification process.
Inspection and Certification for GRP/GRE Piping systems:
The structural integrity assessment of the piping is part of the GRP/GRE inspection and certifications and is done using a variety of NDT/NDE methods depending on the conditions below or above ground.
HDPE Pipeline Certification and Inspection
Underground Pipeline GRP/GRE Pipeline Inspection
GRE Pipe Hydro Testing and certification
HDPE Pipeline Hydro Test and Certification