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Fuel Dispenser Calibration:

The fuel dispenser calibration of any complicated shapes like horizontal tanks, rectangular tanks, oval tanks, etc. can be calibrated using the EIWAA’s superior laser tank calibration methodology. For two years or until any significant repairs or alterations that would influence the volumetric capacity of the storage tank, the EIWAA calibration chart or dip chart in the petrol station is in effect. Depending on the customer’s needs and the dip chart, dip sticks are offered. A customized calibration certificate, commonly known as the dip chart, is supplied once the calibration of the fuel dispenser or the fuel tank is complete. The owner of a filling station or any other interested party can determine the precise amount of product in the fuel dispenser by using the dip chart provided by EIWAA.For future use, the EIWAA provides a dip chart or calibration chart with temperature correction tables in both electronic and laminated hard copy formats…

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